Mini Wand Scope Kit
Mini Wand Kaleidoscope
New and Improved

This Mini Kaleidoscope Wand Kit consists of a complete kaleidoscope assembly, eye piece and end pieces, designed to easily screw together for quick and secure assembly. A magnifying lens is included to enhance focus on the wand reflections. Includes front surface mirrors, brass ends and all necessary hardware. Just cover the tube, bake, and assemble!!

We weren't very happy with the lenses on the these scopes before - we wanted a lens that had a clearer image. We finally found those lenses and bought several thousand to replace the existing ones. Now the image is crystal clear!

Wand Green

Here's a version (wood) of a finished wand kaleidoscope. The bottom part, which you can't see in this picture, is the eye piece and is also polished brass.

Please choose wand color - red, green or blue (or any combination if ordering more than one)

Mini Wand Kaleidoscope Mini Wand Kaleidoscope
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