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Sometimes you just need glue....


Use as regular adhesive or contact cement on almost any material. Flexible, paintable & waterproof. Creates an extremely strong bond. Recommended for wine stopper tops, compacts, barrettes, etc - when you need a strong, flexible, waterproof bond. And we don't sell those teeny, tiny 1 oz. tubes that some offer. For the same price that most stores charge for the 1 oz. tube, we offer the 3.7 oz tube!!!That's almost 4 times as much for the same price!

Not only that, but how much superglue do you normally get in a tube? Go check your current super-glue...2 grams, maybe 3? and half of it gets wasted? These are 10 GRAM tubes, and none of it will be wasted!!! Its like buying 5 or more of the standard tubes. AND, I swear it works. I was skeptical when I first bought it, but it really, really works!

Hard to tell from this picture, but its not really a 'tube', its a cylinder. The cylinder retains its shape - you squeeze out what you need, and the cylinder returns to its original shape, sucking any excess glue right back in. ==>

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Price: $5.95 $5.75 call

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